The Ride430 Challenge…Powered By the Free Wheel Foundation

The Free Wheel Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that gives injured members of the military and the families of injured and fallen warriors hope and assistance as they travel the road to recovery. We organize and promote the country’s leading fundraising events and make meaningful contributions to provide long-term support for veterans and their families. We are dedicated to giving our participants and partners an unparalleled experience, to raising more money per participant than any other organization of our kind and to ensuring the money our participants raise goes directly to support our military heroes. Whether it’s America’s brave military men and women or our participants, who push through their personal limits for our cause, the Free Wheel Foundation honors and supports ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.  

Want to Know what its like to do the Ride430 on the Youtube Link above!!

                  Powered By The Free Wheel Foundation

2014 Ride Dates

October8-11th, 2014

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